5000 Years of History… in 3 Days!

Hello Students!  Welcome back to your second week of school!  I hope you enjoyed your long weekend, because today we’re jumping into the wonderful world of history!!!  Recorded human history begins about 8000 years ago.  Since the aim of this World Studies course focuses on World History from about 1500 B.C.E. to present, we’re going to do some review and cover everything that came earlier very quickly.

To begin, we’re going to review the major events of history before 1500 B.C.E by creating timelines and getting to know our textbooks.  Students will be paired up and together, they will create a timeline comprising 15 events within an assigned timeframe.  The 3 timeframes are:

  • Beginnings of Civilizations –  2500 B.C.E. to 500 C.E.  – Textbook Chapters 2-9
  • The Age of Exchange and Encounters – 500 C.E. to 1500 C.E. – Textbook Chapters 10-15
  • Connecting Hemispheres – 500 C.E. to 1700 C.E. – Textbook Chapters 16-20

After introducing the assignment in class and going over how to use the textbook (Short answer: use the table of contents, timelines at the beginning of each chapter and red section headings to determine what is important) students will have the remainder of the period today and all of tomorrow to complete their timelines.  11×17 paper was provided in class.

On Thursday, students will post their timelines on the wall for a “Gallery Walk” and take notes, using a guided activity, on each other timelines.  In this way, students are able to share their knowledge with one another.

For a copy of the assignment, please head over to the Assignments Page.

As always, please drop me an email with any questions!