Annotation and Current Events

Hello Students & Parents!

Welcome to your 3rd week of the school year!

Today, we’re going to be learning about a reading strategy called “annotation.”  Annotation is when you write notes in the margins of a text that you are reading in an effort to fully engage with the meaning of the words on the page.  Your notes might include questions, observations, opinions, reactions, feelings, emotions, connections or anything else that helps you absorb the information.  Essentially, you are recording your thoughts as you read any given sentence or paragraph.  When reading complex material this strategy is helpful for ensuring that you don’t miss details or ideas present in the text.

In class, we will be reviewing this guide called Understanding How to Annotate.  It is a handy reference with good strategies for annotation.  We will be focusing on the “While your Reading” section for right now.

After reviewing what annotating is, we will annotate a news article as a class so that you can see what it is I am expecting.  Then you will be turned loose to practice on your own!  Here is the article that was provided in class to practice on!

Tomorrow, we’ll see how Annotation will be important in our Current Events assignment!