Concept: Absolutism

Happy Monday Everyone!

Today and tomorrow we’ll be exploring a concept called “Absolutism.”

Absolutism can be defined as:

a form of government (usually a monarchy) in which political sovereignty and government power is located in a ruler who rules by divine right without any checks or balances.

In class today, students will discover the critical attributes of absolutism, write thier own definition and then apply it to several different scenarios to see if they can determine when a ruler can be called Absolute.

Below is the packet students completed in class.  The portrait on the front is of Louis XIV and portrays a few of the critical attributes of absolutism (divine right and total control).  Then students will read about four countries and their rulers and complete the accompanying chart.  They will note similarities and differences in the chart, develop 3 key attributes of Absolutism and then write their own definition.  Finally, they will apply that definition to four more examples and determine if the examples are, in fact, examples of absolutism.  If not, they will write down what is missing.

Finally, students will read about Mswati III and Fredrick the Great and then will write a paragraph for each of the questions below (about 4-6 sentences):

  1. Which ruler would you rather live under? Why?
  2. Which ruler would you rather be? Why?

Don’t forget, Wednesday is an early release and we will have our current events discussion!