Create Your Own Nation

Today and Tomorrow we will be working on a “Create Your Own Nation Project”

The assignment sheet is available below.  This is designed to be a “creative” project.  As long as you assume that your country is the “GREATEST” and is very “NATIONALISTIC” you can come up with any details you want.  Please keep your country respectful and academically appropriate.

You will need to get a piece of poster paper with the graphic organizer printed in class as it is printed on larger 11×17 paper.

When working on part 4, you may want to reference “What Symbolizes Your Country” on page 680 in your textbook (Chapter 24 Intro).  Drawing a crest, like the ones on this page, is a great way to represent at least 4 of your Nationalistic bonds in an illustration.  Also, think about the two questions on the bottom of the page as you decide what is important to put into your illustration.

This is due Monday, December 6th at the beginning of class!