Declaration of the Rights of Man to the Reign of Terror

Today we are looking at one of the most important documents of the french revolution: The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen.

This was a document drawn up by the National Assembly in August of 1789.  It has many similarities to the United State’s Declaration of Independence and was instrumental in laying out the new Assemblies aims in creating a democratic government.

Of course, as we’ll see later, the French Revolution turned quite bloody during the Reign of Terror and it took a bit longer than expected to achieve this ideal.

The first part of your assignment today is to read the abridged version of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and answer the questions on the back with a full paragraph for each question.

Click here for the Question #1 Cheat Sheet

Next, we moved on to learning about the Reign of Terror!

Students worked in groups on a Google Doc that contains several dates important to the Reign of Terror.  Student identified the date and explained why it was important.

If you were absent this day, please download the template below, fill it in and get it back to me!