EdPuzzle: The French Rev. in 9 Minutes

Today, we’re going to be using a cool website called EdPuzzle.  Essentially, students will be watching a video from YouTube and answer questions on it as they go.

For students that were absent, you’ll need to:

  1. Go to www.edpuzzle.com
  2. Click on “I’m a new Student”
  3. Click “Sign up with Google”
  4. Use your Battle Ground Account and click “Allow”
  5. Click on “Join Class” and enter the Class Code for your period
    • 1st: azBZ0o
    • 3rd: e31j1n
    • 4th: er86Bw
    • 5th: e7LGw8
    • 6th: e31LGo

An assigned video will then show up under the class in EdPuzzle.  Click start and watch the video.

edpuzzle arrow

When students finished in class, they had the rest of the period to work on their Big 5 assignment.