Estates-General to the National Assembley

Happy Friday!

Today we had an action packed day!  We started by reading page 651 in the textbook and thinking about the  “Examining the Issues” box.  We created of list of government acts that could be considered unjust and then decided what would be enough to cause us to rebel against our government.

We quickly reviewed the Three Estates and Causes of the revolution from yesterday’s class and got into what the Estates General was and how it helped lead to revolution.  Students listened as I covered the quick PowerPoint below:

Then, students Read Chapter 23, Section 1 and did parts A and B of the Guided Reading below.

Finally, Studnets will continue to explore the effects of High Taxes by polling a few adults in their life about how much they pay in taxes and how much people THINK they should pay in taxes.  The handout is below: