Galileo Figaro Magnifico!

For the next few days, we will be looking at the life and times of Galileo Galilei, the “Father of Modern Observational Astronomy.”  Perhaps his most important accomplishment was proving that the planets rotate around the Sun through observations of the heavens.

Today (Friday, October 16th), we will be going over the details of Galileo’s life and discussing the importance of his findings.  Please see the Powerpoint and Guided Notes below.

Monday and Tuesday next week, we will be reading some primary sources related to Galileo’s work and conviction for Heresy by the Church.  We will be reading the first document, “Galileo Discovers the Moons of Jupiter,” in class on Monday and students will then complete the Document Analysis Worksheet.  Then, on Tuesday, we will split up into groups and each group will read one of the documents on Galileo’s trial.  We’ll then share out what we learned.

The primary sources and document analysis worksheets can be found below: