Get to know Mr. B!

Today, we had a ‘split personality.’

We started off with a Reddit style Ask Me Anything session.  Students were encouraged to ask me any question they wanted (as long as it was appropriate for school!).  Students wrote their questions on note cards and then placed them in a box.  I then went through the box and answered their questions to help them get to know me, as their teacher, better.

Then, we shifted gears.  We pulled out the chrome books and spent most of our time trying to log in (Dang those pesky passwords!).  Eventually, I asked students to complete the Student Survey.  We didn’t have enough time in class to finish the survey, so students will need to finish the survey over the long weekend!

Click here to take the World Studies Student Survey! (Battle Ground Login Required)

Have a great weekend, enjoy Labor day, and see you back on Tuesday!