Letter to Dear Aunt Bertha

I hope you enjoyed your day off yesterday, because today, we’re back at the grindstone!

Today, we will be reviewing the Timeline notes that you completed in a group on Tuesday.

Then, we took quick look at John Green’s Crash Course to the French Revolution:

Finally, students began working an assignment I like to call “Letter to Dear Aunt Bertha”

Essentially, students are to imagine themselves as part of the French Bourgeoisie (middle class) during the French Revolution and write a letter to a long lost relative who has no idea what is going on in France.  Students need to describe what events are happening in France and why.  Ideally, students will include references to the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen when discussing how they feel about the revolution.  The official directions for the assignment are below:

Directions:  Put yourself in the shoes of a Bourgeoisie (middle class) member of the Third Estate.  These were educated people with respectable jobs and were becoming well versed in Enlightenment Ideals.  Write a letter to a distant relative that does not live in France explaining what is going on during the French Revolution.  Be sure to include why the revolution began, what is happening under the reign of terror and how you feel about the events going on.  You may use your textbook or the internet for help.  Be specific when talking about events and dates.  Your response should be about 1 page long.

This assignment is being completed on Google.  Students need to log into Google Drive using their Battle Ground login, click on “Shared with me” and the file will come right up!