Name Games!

Welcome back to your second day of the 2015-2016 School year!

Yesterday, we spent some time examining the Natural Human Learning Process  (See Rita Smilkstein’s book We’re Born to Learn for more info details on the NHLP).  We discovered that everyone is good at something and is fully capable of learning.  Sure, some students have an aptitude for certain things, while others have to work harder to reach a similar ‘Ceiling Level,’ but we are ALL Capable of learning anything if we engage in the TIME, EFFORT, and PRACTICE necessary to learn it.

Today, we put that into practice by learning the name of our fellow classmates.  We huddled together in a big circle and shared some basic information about ourselves.  We then went to the ‘lightning round’ where we quickly repeated everyone’s name back to them.  By the end of it, most students could remember many of their classmates names.  Learning names is just like learning anything else.  It requires time and practice.  Today, perhaps, we’ve moved from Stage 1 in the NHLP, where everyone is a beginner, to Stage two, where we begin to practice with our new found knowledge and skill.

Of course, today wasn’t all fun and games.  We spent a good chunk of time going over the intricacies of the World Studies 2015-2016 Course Syllabus.  Please be sure that you are familiar with all aspects of the syllabus.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.