Napoleon’s Mistakes

On Friday, we watched a video detailing Napoleon’s rise to the height of his career.  Today we are exploring his the fall from the “Summit of Ambition.”

Today we will look at 6 major mistakes Napoleon made.  The six mistakes are:

  • Ordered a blockade to prevent trade and communication between Great Britain and other European nations.
  • Sent an army to invade Portugal and began the Peninsular War.
  • In June 1812, invaded Russia with his Grand Army.
  • Entered Moscow on September 14, 1812, and stayed in the ruined city for five weeks.
  • Raised another army and fought the Battle of Leipzig.
  • Escaped Elba, reclaimed title of emperor, and fought Battle of Waterloo.

Students will work in pairs to prepare a poster with details on one of these mistakes.  The full instructions can be found in the document below.