Reformation – Primary Sources

On Thursday and Friday this week, we will be exploring two primary sources from the Reformation.  The first is a letter from Martin Luther to the Archbishop of Mainz, written in 1517.  It explores Luther’s complaints against the church.  Then, 3 years later, we read Pope Leo X’s papal ‘Bull’ (official papal document) on Luther and his ideas.

For both documents, students will read the document and annotate them as they go.  Annotations should focus on ‘translating’ the difficult language of the text into something that is much more understandable by today’s standards.  This will help students to decipher the complex and confusing language used by Luther and Pope Leo X.  Then, students need to complete the SOAPS document analysis that follows each reading in the packet below:

We will check the assignment in class.  The powerpoint I used to breakdown this text can be found below.

[expand title=”Martin Luther’s Letter to the Archbishop Answer Key:” tag=”strong”]