Review: Causes of the French Revolution

Happy Monday Everyone!

Today, we reviewed the three causes of the French Revolution.  If I haven’t beaten these causes into your head enough yet, please engrave them on your cerebral cortex now.

In case you need a reminder, the three basic causes of the F.R. are:

  • Enlightenment Ideas
    • Spreading through Europe
    • French Bourgeoisie (middle class) saw the effects of the American Revolution
  • Absolutism
    • Weak leader: Louis XVI
  • Social Inequality
    • High Taxes on the Third Estate
    • No say in government for 97% of population
    • Economic collapse and famine cause common people to go hungry

Additionally, we also talked about the Tax Poll you did over the weekend.  Long story short, we found that people in the United States generally pay much less in taxes than the average french citizen in the 1780s.  While, as Americans, we do like to complain about taxes a lot, we’re probably not headed for a revolution over it right now.

Finally, we watched the video embedded below: