Setting the Stage for Revolution!

As we wrap up the Scientific Revolution, The Reformation and the Enlightenment, we must being looking forward to the major revolutions that emerge from these movements.

With the Protestant Reformation firmly behind us we will turn our attention to the political revolutions beginning to froth in Europe.  Tomorrow we’ll explore how these radical new ideas contributed to the American Revolution and our next unit will focus on the French Revolution.  But today, we’re going to explore 5 philosophes and how their ideas impacted the world.

The  5 Philosophes we are exploring are:

  • Voltaire
  • Montesquieu
  • Rousseau
  • Beccaria
  • Wollstonecraft

In class, we split up into groups and each group member was chosen to be come an expert in one of these people.  After learning about each philosophes’ ideas and importance, each member returned to their home group and shared their new knowledge with their classmates.

If you were absent today, the Guided Reading is below.  Check out Chapter 22, Section 2 in the textbook to help you complete it.  You only need to do Sections A and B (not C – although it is an excellent question that might show up on the test!)