The Reformation

Today we will be beginning a series of lessons on the Reformation.

The reformation ended the dominance of the Roman Catholic Church in Western Europe in the 16th century as Protestant churches began to branch off of Christianity.

Today, students began by brainstorming all of the different branches of Christianity we could think of.  The list below was representative of what classes came up with:

 Catholic Methodist  Episcopalian  Baptist
 Puritan Protestant  Presbyterian L.D.S. (Mormon)
 Calvinist Lutheran  Pentecostal  Anglican
Greek Orthodox Amish Quakers  Adventist


As an introduction to the History of the Reformation, we watched the “Crash Course” video below in class:

Then in class, students will be reading Chapter 17, Section 3 of the World Studies Textbook.  Then students will complete Questions 1, 3 and 8 of the Section Assessment on page 494.  Questions 1 and 3 need only a single sentence for each term or question.  Students should respond to question 8 with a full paragraph (4-6 strong sentences). Students had some time to finish these questions on Thursday and they will be stamped if completed at the beginning of class on Friday (10/22).