The Rise of Democratic Ideals – Part 3

We’re almost done with this packet, I PROMISE!

Today, we’re working on Extension Activity #2, the last page of the packet.

To complete this activity, you will need to write a paragraph on the following topic:

Did ideas of democracy happen quickly or develop over a long period of time? Why do you think it happened this way? Explain.

First, you’ll need to write a thesis statement.  Remember to use the format below:

[topic][opinion/argument] because [reason 1], [reason 2], and [reason 3].

Once you’ve written a strong thesis statement, continue writing a paragraph explaining your reasons.  Use evidence from the text, but realize that you are writing a paragraph and not an essay so you will likely only need one strong piece of evidence per reason you offer.

Finally,  today we talked about your portfolios.  Instead of turning in homework when it is completed, we are moving to a system in which you hold on to all of your completed homework and turn it in as a packet on the day of the unit exam. This Rise of Democracy packet will be the first assignment in your portfolio.  Be sure to hold on to it until the unit exam (end of October).

This paragraph is due and will be stamped on Thursday, October 15th.  If you do not have it completed by this time, it will be considered late.

Don’t forget: Current Events Tomorrow!