The Start of the Industrial Revolution!

This week, we are starting our two-week unit on the Industrial Revolution.  We will look at how advancements in technology led to structural changes in the economy, the trials and tribulations of life in the factories and the advent of communism and socialism.

To start off, Students were asked to flip through Chapter 25 in the textbook and, using the headings and other clues, get an idea of the themes we would come across.  Here are few of the major ones students came up with:

  • Advanced Technology
  • Transportation
  • Inventions
  • Utilitarianism
  • Socialism/Capitalism
  • Living/Working Conditions
  • Unionization
  • Social Inequality

Then, I asked students to write a question that would help guide us through this entire unit.  While each class came up with something different, they all looked a little bit like:

How did the Industrial Revolution pave the way for modern day society?

To find out, students spent the rest of the period reading Chapter 25 Section 1 in the textbook and completing the Guided Reading sheet below:

This will be stamped on Tuesday, December 8th and will then go in the students portfolio.