Timeline Gallery Walk

Wow!  It’s only the 2nd week of school and I’m already behind on posts!  Sorry for the delay – I hope to get caught up soon.  If you missed anything, please be sure to let me know!

After all of your hard work on your World History Timelines, today we’re going to show them off!  Of course, your timeline will be turned in today, but first, we are going to do a “Gallery Walk” and show off your excellent work!

A “Gallery Walk” is when we place each students’ timeline, or other piece of work on the walls of the classroom and everyone mingles around to view them.  Today, students will be given a guided notes form to fill out while viewing others’ work.  You will look through events from different eras than the one you have already worked on and select a total of six events to record in your notes.  You will then write why it is interesting and any other questions you have about it.  You should gain (a very, very brief) understanding of world history from the Beginnings of Civilization through the Renaissance.

Finally, we’ll finish off the day with a quick self-reflection on the work you did this week.  Reflecting on your strengths, weaknesses and ways to improve will help you be successful in this class.

The guided note and self reflection are available to view download:

Gallery Walk Guided Notes

Self Reflection

See  you Monday!