Wrapping up the Reformation

If you’ve taken a look at the calendar lately, you’ll know that we’re getting close to the end of our current unit.

Today, we will be wrapping up the Reformation by taking a look what happened following the issuance of Pope Leo X’s Bull that we read on Friday.

In class, I presented the PowerPoint below and students took notes on their own paper, ensuring that they captured the meaning and importance of the words in bold.  Words in bold are likely to be seen on the Unit test, next Tuesday, November 3rd.  Tomorrow I will be providing students with a Study Guide for the test.

After we took a short quiz (below).  Along with the quiz, each student received a folded and stapled piece of paper.  Once we finished the quiz, instead of scoring it, students opened up their peice of paper to discover if they passed or failed the quiz.  This illustrates the idea of “Predestination.”  That is, it was predetermined whether students would pass or fail.  Students that received a pass were “the elect,” they were chosen “by God.”  Those who failed were not the chosen and no matter how well they did on the quiz, they could not earn their way to a ‘pass.”

Of course this isn’t a particularity fair way to grade a quiz, so after the shock wore off, we reviewed the answers in class, students graded themselves (1 point per question) and will turn it in with their Portfolios.

Predestination Quiz