Hitler in Socks

Hitler in Socks

Appeasement: Giving into an aggressor in order to keep the peace.

Today we will be reviewing the classwork/homework from yesterday’s lesson and then continuing with a debate on Appeasement.  In class, we read the document below detailing the arguments for and against appeasement.  I encouraged students to put themselves in the shoes of a European in the 1930s in order to see the benefits of appeasment, since they didn’t yet know how horrible Hitler would become.

Students chose sides and formed into groups.  Each group was given 1 minute to make a speech to convince other groups that their chosen profession was correct.

Then, most classes answered the question at the end of the power point below and turned in their notes.  The arguments for and against appeasement are below as well as the powerpoint detailing the answers for yesterday’s work and the question students were to answer.