Causes of World War II

As we begin our WWII unit, we’ll need to understand why WWII started.  Of course, we’ve already spent much of the semester learning about the causes of WWII.  We’ve already talked about the Treaty of Versailles, The Years of Crisis and the Rise of Fascism, so today will mostly be review before we start looking at what happened during the war on Monday.

We began this unit today looking at the following questions as a warm up.  A few possible  answers can be found in the expand-o boxes below:

What  circumstances would lead you to support or oppose your country’s participation in a war?
  • Defend ourselves
  • Protect others
  • Gain Power/Territory/Money

How are civilians sometimes as much a part of a war effort as soldiers?
  • Support the home front
    • New jobs
      • Manufacturing
      • Nursing
  • Rationing + Recycling
  • Being targeted by the enemy (Battle of Britain)

Then, you will need to read the documents below and write a one sentence summary of each paragraph numbered in the sources.  This will help you solidify your understanding on why WWII began.

Then, you’ll want to check out the video embedded below.  Depending on which period you were in, we watched the first 10 to 20 minutes of it.