Review CEEL Practice!

Versailles_signed_Evening_World_dbloc_962pxToday in class, we reviewed the good work you did yesterday on your CEEL Practice paragraphs.  A couple of tips when doing this sort of writing in the future:

  • Avoid personal pronouns (I, My, Me, etc.)
  • Be sure to fully EXPLAIN your evidence.  The connection between the evidence and your claim might be obvious in your mind, but it might not be for your reader.  Be sure that anyone reading it will see how your evidence supports your claim.
  • Be specific in you Claim and your Link: “Tell the reader what you are going to tell them”
  • Be sure that your facts/evidence in your ¶ or essay actually match what the historical documents say.

Then, we continued on with reading a few last articles from the Treaty of Versailles.  The document is below.  We covered “Source A” in class and students completed the summaries for each article.

We will cover Source B and C tomorrow!