TODALS and Mapping BGHS

Today we continue working with Maps as we work discover what we can learn from maps and what clues we should look to for help.

First, lets look at TODALS, a helpful acronym for remembering all of the ‘elements’ a map should have (although many maps, especially historical maps, are missing one or more of them).

  • Title
  • Orientation (i.e. a Compass Rose)
  • Date
  • Author
  • Legend
  • Scale.

After getting our bearings (pun slightly intended), students will be divided up into groups of three to create their own maps of Battle Ground High School.  Each group was given a ‘scenario’ to guide the creation of their maps, listed below.  After creating the maps, we will discuss the importance of the purpose of a map in understanding it’s greater meaning as a historical document.

If you were absent for this assignment, please see me for a make-up.