Totalitarian State

dont-thinkOver the next few days we will be learning about the Key Characteristics of a totalitarian state (Police Terror, Indoctrination, Propaganda and Censorship, and Religious or Ethnic Persecution).

In class, we read the first couple of pages of Chapter 30, Section 1 in the textbook to get a sense for what ¬†totalitarian state looks like. ¬†Then students will be tasked with creating their own fictional totalitarian state using the handout below (printed on 11×17 paper – see me in class if you need a copy).

The only requirements for this state are:

  • The state must be totalitarian
  • Must incorporate the key characteristics
  • Must be appropriate for school
  • State may NOT persecute people or groups who have traditionally be persecuted

Email me with any questions!  This project is due Friday, March 18th and will be turned in separately from your portfolio!